You're a teacher and you want to take your students to France to learn more about its language and culture ? Perhaps you already have a date in mind ?

We can help you make your project a complete success !

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Training programs

The goal of our programs is to inspire students to learn in an environment that makes exploring another culture a daily adventure. We invite your students into a world of literature, music, fashion, perfumes, the stuff of French culture and of daily life.


Quality instruction

Because we are a private school titled "Etablissement d'Enseignement Supérieur", the Institute Grand Bleu is under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education, which monitors the quality of our instruction. Our team of experienced instructors is chosen on the basis of their ability to work with young people and their love of teaching.

The first goal of our course is to learn French as it is spoken in daily life, with all its rich idioms and humor.


Original programs

Our programs are designed to meet the teaching objectives of each school and to accommodate the particular needs of each group of students.

And we have made our instruction adaptable to the different cultural and regional orientation of our students. Our instruction is intended to enrich the life of each young person who takes this adventure into French life and language.

  2 Courses and 2 environnements :


CANNES :  Living with a French Family

The host families offer the student a warm and secure way to become immersed in French food, customs, and the routines of daily life. The families are carefully selected for their ability to make students feel welcome and to work closely with the staff of the Institute.

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ANTIBES : Résidence on the CAP d'ANTIBES

Inside the walls of a historic castle perched on the edge of Cap d'Antibes, facing the Mediterranean, the Institute offers students clean and practical accommodations, and a curriculum of intensive courses conducted in an atmosphere of collegiality and group cohesion.

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Adult students

LA NAPOULE : Stay in one of the 2 Chateaux 

Set in the town of LA NAPOULE , 6 km west of Cannes, the Art Foundation Clews welcomes small groups  in an outstanding  setting.  Accommodation  and activities can be combine with  the  vacation village at the Chateau d'Agecroft   at a 5 minutes walk. 

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1694 - 1778 Paris

Writer, Philosopher,

free thinker

"More educated people are,

more free they become".

Rediscover Voltaire, a man with a vision, surprisingly modern and free.

"Traité sur la tolérance"


Through the seasons, the INSTITUT became a community that shares ideas, connections, memories, and pictures.

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Our values

  l'INSTITUT GRAND BLEU defins  French language not only as a means of communication but also as a tool of reflection on  the responsibility of citizens to the community and to the environment, on  the universal values of human rights and rights of children.