For our adult students, we choose "la vie de Château !"... 6 km West of Cannes !

Both castles 'AGECROFT and CLEWS are located at a 5 minutes walk an the small town of   LA NAPOULE. The railway station or the bus station nearby  makes it easy to reach the  CANNES downtown within 10 minutes ride.


12 to 15 students per Class

4 lessons of 45 minutes each, every morning from Monday to Friday

Test  level and training materiall



Château Clews or Château d'Agecroft or Villa Marguerite

1, 2 or 3  stdents per room

Half board buffet including free drinks


Large choice of visits and activities at cost prices

Swimming pool, activities and shows at Agecroft. 

Guidage  when ever necessary

Individual Assistance 24h / 2, 7 days a week.


From Nice International aérport

for groups arriving by plane

From :

770 €

      What makes makes us different ?

Outstanding and prestigious locations

Direct access to the beaches set in a charming village.

Close to public transportation with direct access to CANNES

A tailor made program shaped for each group.

Individual Assitance 24h /24, 7 days a week

A group leader bedroom in the château with a sea view !

Top standard of quality services

Best academic curriculum on the Riviera since 1999


In 2024

The INSTITUTE opens on the ATLANTIQUE OCEAN with a new adult programme GRAND BLEU 


1694 - 1778 Paris

Writer, Philosopher,

free thinker

"More educated people are,

more free they become".

Rediscover Voltaire, a man with a vision, surprisingly modern and free.

"Traité sur la tolérance"


Through the seasons, the INSTITUT became a community that shares ideas, connections, memories, and pictures.

Join us !

Our values

  l'INSTITUT GRAND BLEU defins  French language not only as a means of communication but also as a tool of reflection on  the responsibility of citizens to the community and to the environment, on  the universal values of human rights and rights of children.